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What are the precautions for the construction of e-commerce websites?

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With the development of the Internet, nowadays China's e-commerce industry is also very popular, in addition, many enterprises according to the needs of development, also need to have their own e-commerce website。So what are the precautions for the construction of e-commerce websites?

First, font style application

In general, e-commerce website design only needs to apply a few font styles, very novice design。Although a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts can be beautiful and elegant, the overall actual effect of a website can be too messy if applied haphazardly without a master plan。

Second, the website level

Qinghai website construction

Everyone loves a hierarchical and disciplined design, such as the top of the head including the URL navigation and LOGO, special content application lightbox, three columns, headers and footers。It facilitates the organization of key information content and correctly directs customers to focus on key parts of the website。In general, new students are taught the three standards of color, use value and linear perspective and other plastic arts specific guidance。

Third, leave the edge design

Like the margin in the art of calligraphy, it is a very key part of the design level of the construction of e-commerce websites。Blank pages can be said to be a more critical part of the design。It helps to prevent customers from getting tired while visiting the site, and it can also distinguish the space in the content of the site。Naturally, the blank pages are not all in milky white, but simply another name for interior Spaces that show spacing and caching for other design elements。

Above isQinghai website constructionThe company to share some knowledge, I hope to help you。Want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please pay attention at any timeQinghai website construction官网。

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