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What information does the website need to provide?

Published time: 2019-02-22 15:16Author: Qinghai Enterprise Network Technology Co., LTDSource: Qinghai website design and production网址:

How to make a good website to do a large traffic website, want to do a good website or traffic to do more, people do not say tired, not necessarily have results, after all, personal energy is limited。Here is a simple description of a person to do the website to optimize the following points:

Sea website production start/foundation

1, the establishment of the website first to position themselves, clear target keywords。

2, website positioning success needs to choose a good memory and high relevance of the domain

3, the domain name selection needs to choose a stable + fast space or server。

4, the target has, the domain name is selected, the space is in place, and the website architecture needs to be planned。And that's a lot of detail。Such as: the three major labels of the website, the column of the website, the layout of the website, the distribution of keywords, the distribution of the long tail words of the article, the color matching of the website and so on。

5, the website structure out, we will also feel a headache for the content, website content how to attract users, how to retain customers and so on。(In doing the station believe that you want to know where the profit point of the website is, let it not be mentioned here)

6, content how to attract users, how to retain users even if all planned, then also consider how to launch their own station, and then you need to send advertising to promote, barely is also sent outside the chain。

7, content how to be included by Baidu, snapshot how to update every day。

8, so many people think it is relatively simple, not to go to forums, blogs, categories, questions and answers, encyclopedias, libraries and other places to send urls, but when it is implemented, there will be a lot of problems。

So here we are,In fact, it takes a strong team to execute (do not know after the simple explanation above,Do you have an opinion?),If you use a team to do this,So you can imagine the result is more powerful,What things want to do big and good need to do more and more detailed,Then there needs to be a rational distribution,The same goes for SEO optimization。

Qinghai website production steps/methods

1.The editor is responsible for writing the article, constantly improving the quality and innovation of the article (how attractive, how not boring, whether it is helpful to the user, whether the user finds what he wants when he comes here, etc.), and updating the article。

2.External chain commissioner on a heart to the external chain (here can also be subdivided, how to subdivide everyone to think)。

3.Dig more long tail words and consider the long-term development of the website in the later stage。

4.The website reasonably distributes the layout, everything is detailed, and every detail is divided, as small as the url of each article and the keyword layout of each article structure。

5.Innovation, innovation, exploration, adhere to the same in the change, innovative ideas in the change, out of a new way of work。

Qinghai website production precautions

If it is just a simple pursuit of ranking, this station may not be long, although everyone has an idea is: "With the ranking, there is traffic, there is natural money to earn.。Although that is said, but there is really a ranking of traffic, but the site is a mess of results is a pity and cicada。

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