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What is the resource scheduling of website production and what are the misunderstandings of website construction and operation

Published time: 2019-02-22 15:21Author: Qinghai Enterprise Network Technology Co., LTDSource: Qinghai marketing website system网址:

Qinghai enterprise Network Technology Co., Ltd. shares what is the resource scheduling of website production and what are the misunderstandings of website construction and operation:

First, what is the resource scheduling of website production

Resource scheduling is generally divided into two stages: one is to realize the virtualization of physical resources (that is, the abstraction of resources) because the performance of the current machine is getting better and better,The hardware configuration is getting higher and higher,It is more wasteful to use physical machines to run services,Therefore, the physical machine is divided into smaller units of virtual machines,This can significantly improve the efficiency of the machine,Container technology is commonly used within the company to isolate resources。The second is to virtualize resources to further achieve fine-grained orchestration in time and space and optimize the use of resources。

● Some data

If tens of thousands of machines in the company are physical machines, then the utilization rate of resources is slightly lower :CPU, memory and hard disk usage are low, for example, most proxy machines have low requirements for memory and CPU, we can completely replace a physical machine with a 4-core 8GB memory container。Xining website construction

After simple calculation, we containerize the physical machine (48 core 120GB) (4 core 8GB), and one physical machine can be used as 12 machines, and the utilization rate can be increased by 12 times。Thus, it can be seen that the abstraction of physical resources into unified virtual resources is very useful for improving efficiency。

● Resource scheduling improves stability and O&M efficiency

Virtualization of physical machine resources can improve resource utilization, and good scheduling of resources can improve business stability and operation and maintenance efficiency. The popularity of Docker p also proves this point. Many companies are also transforming Docker for the following reasons。

(1)Improve O&M efficiency。 The popularity of Docker I is largely attributed to the fact that it solves the problem of standardized operation and maintenance of applications, making application deployment and operation and maintenance very simple, only one image can be deployed, so that the application dependence and deployment of services can be automated, reducing human intervention。

(2)Improve stability。Since standardized deployment can be achieved, the application can be decoupled from the running machine, and after decoupling, hardware differences and failures will not affect the upper application, and elastic scaling and scheduling can be done。

● Unified resource abstraction

The unified abstraction of the website's physical resources into a collection that can be customized, shielding the difference in time and space for upper-layer applications, that is, the application does not have to care about which physical machine, which computer room or even which data core, does not have to worry about the impact of downtime, and can automatically expand when resources are insufficient。

Xining website construction

Second, what are the misunderstandings of website construction and operation?

With the continuous improvement of Internet technology, more and more enterprises are transferring to online marketing, but many enterprises in order to save costs, will choose to build their own website and later website operation, for a non-professional website construction company, this is difficult, which may appear a lot of misunderstandings。In order to help you avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings, the staff of the following website production company will tell you about the misunderstandings of website construction and operation。

● Fill pages with images, JS programs, Flash, music, and more

In this country where the Internet has been prevalent for nearly 20 years, there are still many websites that are dressed up as "fancy", web pages filled with images, JS code, flash animation and music and other elements that are not very friendly to search engines。These will affect the customer experience, directly leading to the website keywords in Baidu ranking is not very good。

● Only stay on the display of corporate image and product information

There are still many enterprises do not know the use of the official website, but also the official website as a network business card in use, when customers want to go online to see products or company information to send the official website to each other to see, is still in the passive push level, has not taken the initiative to promote the official website to achieve the awareness of network marketing。In fact, if you use an official website properly, the value generated can even exceed the value created by a business department, in comparison, the cost is far lower than the cost of a business department。

● What ideas do other people have that I should have

There are many business owners with such an idea, what is on the peer's website, my website must also have, and the other side does not have we must have, to do more than the opponent。The result is that many elements of the site are very complicated, there is no main body, visitors into the site after the dizzying, can not see the site to highlight which plate, which theme。A website that does not see the theme is like a treasure chest, it is difficult to impress visitors。

● Not updated for a long time。

After the website was established and launched, only basic information was uploaded, such as company introduction, corporate image information, product information, etc。Since then, the website has not been updated, in the eyes of visitors, such a website is a dead station, giving people the feeling that the company's website has no one to take care of, the company has no strength。

● Do not pay attention to the collection of feedback information, do not make corresponding adjustments according to the feedback information

After some websites have been online for a few years, the layout is still unchanged, the column function is still the same, this year to see this face, next year to see this face, the next year to see this face。Over time, the visitors also tired of watching。Some of the existence of the website itself has not been solved, and the website has been produced for a long time and visitors no longer enter the website。

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