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Enterprises are pursuing simple wind website design and production as well as the source of website design inspiration

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Qinghai website construction for everyone to share the pursuit of simple wind website design and production and the source of inspiration for website design:

First, enterprises are pursuing simple wind website design and production?

With the changing of The Times, many users are more and more fond of websites with simple style, and simple and atmospheric website style has gradually become the main design idea for enterprises to build websites。For example, website navigation, simple and atmospheric navigation can make readers very clear to browse the web, but also can make the web layout more tidy and not messy, in order to ensure that the user's ideas are coherent, in a seamless switching way to show the website content, it can be said that simple and atmospheric style website is a development trend in the future。So why are companies pursuing it

Simple wind website design, what are the advantages?How to make a simple and atmospheric website?

Website template selection

Website template selection,If funds permit,Can be customized,If there's not enough money,We can choose the template,A simple template that facilitates optimization is fine,Use div+css techniques in the layout of your website,This effect is relatively simple and atmospheric,It is also very malleable,There is no limit on the number of pages,The capacity is also very large,The images on the web page can be freely edited,The ratio can be adjusted automatically according to the wishes of the enterprise,The visual effects are very good。

Website search box design

Whether it is the website navigation or the website search box, it should be as simple and atmospheric as possible, ensure that it is easy to use, and do not add useless design elements。Due to reliable research data,

The search box without options looks more friendly, so in general, the search box function provided to the user is simple, not too complicated, to simple atmosphere。

Website layout

When it comes to how to attract users' attention, website layout is a point that must be paid attention to. Many people think that layout depends on imagination and creativity。Many people will not balance the design element

Prime Settings to the site layout。In a layout, the picture, layout, and interface are not aligned, and the margins of various elements are different, sometimes even overlapping, to create a sense of dissonance。But for different industries, users prefer simple atmosphere can highlight the core of the website, for users with needs, not the problem that the website can be solved。

Fourth, the website left blank

Website white space is also a way to design a website, by adding more tones and design elements, maintain the white space ratio, and increase the sense of fulfillment of the entire design。In this case, there is not a lot of white space, and the elements surrounded by white space will also stand out and not be crowded。

Second, the source of inspiration for website design

Not only the design of the web, but all the things around us in the world can inspire our website design。

You never know when a creative spark is going to hit you。During the course of a project, I often find something more mundane that I can use in a new or different way

Way to think。Here are 10 of my favorite sources of design inspiration outside of websites。


One of the best places to think about design is outdoors。Take a look at all the amazing combinations of shapes and colors in nature。Personally, I prefer flowers that look like a color palette

The same inspiration。

This fall's pansies will form the basis of the new project's palette, with these flowers combining pop bright and contrasting colors。


Many designers will agree that listening to music is a great way to enrich a design, but music has many other uses。Think about it when you listen differently

When it comes to types of music, they will always make you feel mixed and complex emotions。You can listen to a melody that matches the atmosphere of your project and it will add to your project

A little inspiration。Listen to the music at the same time, let your thoughts move with it, and the picture that emerges in your mind during the process of listening to the song as the basic outline of the product。

I also love the creativity and imagination in the art of music。Album covers (even in digital form) are an interesting twist that can be used to open creative minds。


Design is really just one form of art or creative expression, and looking at other forms of art can really help a project move forward。

But don't stick to the conventional thinking and just look at the paintings oh, sculpture is also an amazing source of inspiration。Look closely at the way shapes and objects connect and act on each other,

Come up with new ways to plan your site。


Packaging design may be one of the more easily overlooked design types。Think about how many times you've opened a pack of gum or dropped a soft drink bottle without even thinking about it

What does it look like。These items are often exceptional because the space available for them is often very small。(All the information should be written down on a small label in a very readable way)

Seeing more of this type of stuff can really help you with how to plan small Spaces。Packaging also has many shapes and styles that help me think about different ways to present content。(Everything doesn't have to be a neat rectangle!)


Photography may be an explicit source of inspiration for websites, but it's not used as often as you might think。

If you have a great image that can serve a project, don't just use it as inspiration, use it for real。Develop your design and focus on these great images。On the other hand, if you don't have any images at hand, take a look at the world of photography for some ideas。When you feel like you've hit some design roadblocks, turn to places like Our Geography, Jill Greenberg, and LevonBiss。(These sites are designed around photos.)


Runways, fashion shows, and magazines are a great place to look at trends in color, proportions, and patterns。You can then apply these concepts to your website design。

Fashion designers use proportions in their shows to help you think about creating products in a big (or small) way, and colors and patterns are more indicative of what you're looking at。(Think about the Chevron craze that's happening right now.) Many of the background textures we see on websites are based on fabric fibers or clothing patterns。

Another problem with using fashion to inspire is that web designers often take a little time to grasp the trends。

But it can be a great way to get ahead of the curve and help us start thinking about what comes next。

Interior design

The world of interior design is also a great place to get inspired in terms of color and texture。

Walking through the home furnishing store and touching or looking at fabric samples can help you get a visual idea of what type of background your website should use。You can combine and match these colors and textures in real life so you know what to do when creating your own digital version。

Taking a look at interior design trends can help you understand what colors are in fashion right now。Paint Chips and design blogs are great places to learn about color trends and learn how to apply them to your projects。


While there are plenty of naysayers who hate instagram food images, these simple images are truly uplifting。

The colors and shapes of these foods really do work well together。For some reason, photos of sushi really got me thinking。(Probably because of the color and round objects。Reading more about food can help you find a food-related website...Or something completely unrelated to food。

Old object

When you need to create some metaphors, old objects can help you。Coins, movie posters, and old books are good examples of color and letterpress printing。

Many of the ways you've seen are not widely used, and there are some items that don't have the look and feel of fashion, but they can all help your website stand out。

The great thing about these resources is that they can help you think metaphorically in different ways。For example, many old books have hand-drawn pictures instead of photographs

Film or full-color illustration。So you see this style can help you create and use images in different ways in your projects


Architecture and contours (especially those in big cities) are a fascinating source of inspiration for me。The shape and "life" of these works make me want to do it for myself

What have you done。

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